Problem: Many kids at HMS and throughout the rest of the district feel that the quality of the food and the price of the food they serve at lunch is unacceptable. Also kids feel that we should more of a variety.

Other Districts Prices: Shaler Township- $2.00

North Allegheny- $2.15

Pine Richland- $1.75

Seneca Valley- $1.45

Butler- $1.50

Hampton Middle School's lunch prices are $2.20. We are actually have the highest priced lunches in the area. Which, with the choices and food quality they offer at the middle school, the prices are outrageous.

Food Choices at Other Districts:istockphoto_7865275-food-pyramid.jpg

North Allegheny

  • Mexican Chicken Bowl

  • Bacon Cheddar Sliders

  • Mashed Potato Bowl

  • Asian Chicken Noodle w/ Fortune Cookie

  • Italian Roasted Chicken

  • Asian Pork Sandwich

  • Buffalo Chicken Wedge

  • Pittsburgh Steak Wedge


  • Chicken Fajita

  • Roast Pork With Gravy

  • Sweet and Sour Chicken

  • BBQ Western Burgernwaz_02_img0188.jpg

  • Italian Grilled Cheese


  • Beef and Broccoli Teriyaki

  • Lasagna w/ breadstick

  • Chicken Fries

  • Bosco Sticks

  • Rotini

  • Chicken Fajita

  • Chili Dog

Seneca Valley- (Similar menu to HMS)

  • Hot sliced turkey

  • Oven Baked BBQ Chicken

  • Buffalo Unbreaded Chicken

  • Shrimp Poppers w/ sweet potato fries

  • Cinnamon French Toast

  • Macaroni and Cheese

Our school doesn't have nearly as many options each day as all the other schools we have researched.

Many of the kids attending have also noticed that most of the food that they serve is not fresh food. Some of it is processed. Kids suggested that they get all natural, organic food. You can check out all of the other alternative options in the other part of the presentation.

The Current Situation of the Meals
According to the Students

Walter Newby IV and I (Chris Geraud) asked students during lunch what they think of their lunches, which they bought. The general consensus is the food is good for its price. The cafeteria tries to keep the food good for the price of $2.20. METZ food service offers a main entrée. A student can pick a sandwich from the Talbot Grille, a slice of pizza from the pizza line, a varying entrée from signature entrée line, or a salad, hoagie, or wrap from the healthy select line. With each entrée comes a side, in most of the lines offer a potato entrée. These include potato wedges, fries, curly fries, or mashed potatoes. In the signature entrée line a vegetable is usually offered with the entrée. Separate fruits and vegetables are offered for selection. These fruits and vegtables include apple sauce, peaches, grapes, carrots, celery, pasta salad, coleslaw, and different choices. For Drinks, a pint milk comes with the lunch, but water, iced tea, juice, and Switch juice can be bought for extra money. For every sweet tooth, there is an extra selection that can be bought, the cookies are out of this world. Cookies are the most popular extra bought. Chips and snack bars are also being sold. Novelty Ice Cream is also sold.
The Opinions are mixed some people strongly dislike the food sold so they just pack their lunch, and some students love the food sold at the cafeteria. And others just don’t have a strong opinion. Some opinions on the food are good like Matt Donelly said “Those mashed potato bowls taste just like KFC’s.” and (Andrew Maknoon)”These chicken strips are good white meat.” (Chris Geraud)”This General Tso’s chicken is the best dish they offer.” Though there was positive feedback most of the comments were negative. (Nick Gust) “This Cheeseburger wrap is really cold and the cheese is not melted.” Andy Brode said about the pizza, “Tastes horrible and is hard to bite. The sauce tastes really bad, but I love the crust mmmm.” “The meat was hard. It tasted a little like beef jerky.” Matt Bonino said about the cheeseburger. A suggestion was even said to bring back an item “Calzone: The calzone was the best. The bread was soft and the pepperoni and cheese were delicious. They should sell them everyday because it would make a lot of money.” Walter Newby IV said. In conclusion, there are negative and positive comments about the food. In my and Walter’s opinion, for the price of $2.20 the food at HMS is good quality.

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Interview with Mrs. Miller
#1) Q- Who caters or provides the food at our cafeteria?
A- The U.S. food company provides some parts of the meals and some things such as sauces are homemade by our cafeteria.
#2) Q- What are the main products you sell and use during lunch every day?
A- Things such as pizza, hamburgers, and grill items as well as salads are available every day, but the items at the special entrees line change every day to give students some variety.
#3) Q- What is state required for food?
A- The only thing that we have that we had to change is that fries can only be sold three times a week for the nutritional value for children so corn is served the other two days instead.
#4) Q- What would you say is the best seller at the cafeteria?
A- The pasta, even though sold only certain days, is definitely our biggest seller with breadsticks hands down.
#5) Q- What happens to the food not eaten at the end of the day, but is already prepared?
A- Some things such as grilled chicken will be frozen and reheated to use for the wraps. Also hamburgers and sandwiches are reheated and the first ones out the next day to be eaten. Some other things are frozen until needed again like pasta sauce.